Product Assembly

Made Easy

Turn your products' instruction manuals into interactive animated videos, bringing a frictionless assembly experience to your customers.
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Who Needs This?

Whether your product’s assembly is so simple that you want to market how easy it is, or it’s so complex that a highly detailed animated instructional video could be a huge relief to customers - Instructified is the solution!

The Value We Bring

Besides for making your product a breeze to assemble, Instructified is a priceless boost to your business! Including an Instructified guide with your product will enable your business to benefit from:
Increased Customer Loyalty
Users who follow 3D interactive instructions are far more likely to buy again and leave positive feedback
Reduced Customer Service Inquiries
Receive fewer calls and complaints on products with 3D instructions
Reduced Product Returns
Consumers often return products fraught with friction. Instructified  drastically reduces assembly related returns
Increased Purchase Conversion Rate
Products with 3D instructions see higher add-to-cart & conversion rates